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jio phone 3

Jio Phone 3: Launch Date , Expected Price , Features And Online Bookings

Jio Phone 3 Introduction

Hello Guys ! How are you all ? Good Ahh Thats Sounds Great – Not Good ? common this news will surely make you good In this article we are going to share a news that will make you happy ad you will start waiting for that special thing , In This article We Will Share news about the New Jio phone 3 which is going to be huge thing in the mobile world of india. You are planning to buy a smartphone ? have less money ? want a smartphone with good camera and good looks , other cool features ? common this can be a good news if you have plans to purchase a smartphone and want to spend less money for a better experience.Reliance jio is continuously working on its new range of products like Jio DTH , Jio phone 2 , Jio Gigafiber etc.

As per the Sources Reliance jio will soon launch its new Phone called Jio phone 3 in The country at cheaper Price & will give tough competition to brands like Redmi, Real me , Honor and other Brands which produces mid range smartphones. some reports suggests that Reliance is working on making of this smart phone and there are some leaks on the internet which gives ideas of Jio phone 3 Looks and Sexy style. There is no word about the price of jio phone 3 but it will be cheaper when compared to smartphones with similar range and will provide a better experience to users. Jio phone & jio phone 2 are the basic models the company has launched till now and now the preparations are for the Smartphone with A Touch Screen View and better camera performance and all other new features which a latest smartphone has in it.

Jio Phone 3 Details

I am sure that you all want to know more about the Upcoming Jio Phone 3 am i right ? yes ! okay as per the leaks images and other details lets talk about it the jio phone 3 is going to be launched in the First quarter of 2019 and will be sold via online platform and later customers can buy it from the jio Authorised Stores and shops.

Jio Phone 3 Expected Date – When it will Launch ?

Some of you may have doubt in mind that is it true that jio is going to launch its new touch scree smartphone ? when it will launch ? when it is going to be available in the indian markets and Authorised stores ? yeah even i had these doubts in my mind but let me clarify that Reliance Jio Will launch its New Phone Called JIO PHONE 3 is going to be revealed in the First Quarter. Till now only the samples of This phone has appeared on the internet and nothing is officially said by Reliance. yes they don’t give hint about their upcoming products and give surprise suddenly and heart attacks to their other brands in the we can expect that jio phone is going to give heart attacks to other mobile companies when this phones is finally launched with a cheaper price and awesome specifications and features.

Jio Phone 3: Launch Date , Expected Price , Features And Online Bookings
image credit – Tech Key youtube

Reliance jio has a Habit of surprising everyone from giving free internet to launching DTH Services , Broad Band Services , Jio Tv. we had no clue that a company in india will give free internet for 6 months in the country But jio did it and till now jio keeps coming with crazy offers and provides customers a very good services.

JIO Phone 3 Features – Specifications

This latest Device from Jio is Power packed version of Jio phones as it will be having many features which will give you awesome feel and a better Experience. Well What do you Expect in a Smartphone ? what features you want in your Smartphone ? A good Camera ? that can take your pics to another level ? Speed ? Looks of phone ? A better Display ? and yes more memory and space am i right ? yea all these features are there in Jio Phone 3 and many others which will surely make you in love with this Reliance jio what are its features – lets discuss

So as Per The leaks and reports the Jio Phone will be having 5g capability. In India BSNL will be first 5G network provider and we can Expect These both to join and offers a good deal.Race for 5g Mobiles and networks is already started and jio looks advance in this matter. Jio phone 3 will run on 5g and it can be a first phone with to be launched in india with this Network Capability. Well Its good that indian company is taking so much efforts to give indian customers what they want and delivers to them at low prices and keeping us updated with the new technology that makes our work easy.

The Design of jio phone 3 Will be stunning and sexy that will make you happy and you will go for it. it is made of full metal body and Jio phone 3 is very slim. Full metal body will increase the life of a smartphone and a good design will surely attract the customer eyes.

Jio phone 3 – Two Different variants

Got an idea ? For the Heading it self No ! Okay lets clearly understand what it means – jio phone will be launched in two variants 4GB and 6GB variants with internal storage of 32GB and 64GB.They can also go for 128Gb variant but its not sure. we all want a phone with a more RAM and Internal storage so that phone works fast and we can keep movies, pictures, games etc in mobile for entertainment.If they offer Dedicated SD card slot that will be plus point for jio phone 3 because sometimes internal storage is full and we need to insert SD card and do not want to remove 2 Sim Cards. Jio Phone 3 will Run on The Latest Android Version which is Android Pie and it will keep getting Android Updates in future and also security patches t make your phone more secure and fast.

Lets Have an Look at Jio Phone 3 Specifications –

Display Type:IPS LCD Screen
Screen DisplayNotch Display
Resolution:Ram3GB / 4GB
ResolutionHD (720×1280)
Storage:32GB / 64GB
Processor:Snapdragon 636
Network:5G Supported Processor
Front Camera:8 Mega Pixel
Back Camera:12 MP + 2 MP
Dual SIM Card:5G + 4G
VoLTE Connectivity:5G Connectivity with VoLTE
Connections:GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
External Memory:Dedicated Micro USB Slot up to 128 GB
Security:Pin, Finger Print Sensor, Face Recognition
Android Version:Android 8.1 Pie Update
Price:Below 6000/-
Release Date:Quarter 1 2019

Jio Phone 3 Launch Date – Upcoming Jio phone

The leaked reports suggests that the all new jio phone 3 will be launched in india in The first quarter of 2019 mainly near the march-April month when 5G network comes to india because it is a 5G smartphone launching it.the exact date is difficult to guess.Reliance can give this awesome gift to customers & Surprise them with its price and features.I am sure that when they will launch the phone all other companies will face tough competition in indian markets. Indians customers are very much impressed with Reliance jio Services and offers they give so there is a chance of high demand of booking for the new jio Phone 3.

Jio Phone 3 Price – Expected

Jio Phone 3: Launch Date , Expected Price , Features And Online Bookings, jio phone specifications

so Before assuming the jio phone 3 price just tell me how much you can spend for a smartphone ? will you spend more money for a 5G smartphone ? No! right , jio Phone 3 will be priced Below 6000/- ( Expected). This amount is okay for a high end smartphone with Good features like camera, Display, Build Quality and 5G connectivity. what an awesome price they have decided if the things goes like we expect believe me This phone will create records and no online platform can fulfil the demand of indian customers means to say that there will be high demand for the jio phone 3 and it is going to be Out of Stock on The Online websites and they will only sell it in Flash sale.

So we expect that it will go out of stock on less then 1 minute if it is sold in Flash Sale whether oh Flipkart or Amazon or fro the Official Jio always launches services or devices which comes under Budget and poor people to rich anybody can go for their services and products. we all love to spend less money for a better thing and this time it is going to be jio phone 3 where we will spend less money and get a smartphone which gives extra advanced specifications and functions. ah it sounds great right ! yeah it will feel great when it is lauched officially and we will se a record created by indian company Reliance jio. After jio phone comes into markets it will somehow decrease the sales of other mobiles phones created by Brands like Xiaomi , Honor, Motorola, Lenovo.

Jio Phone 3 5G

The all new Reliance Jio smartphone JIO Phone 3 will run on the 5G technology which will let the users enjoy the faster internet and a Speedy experience. you will be able to Download Movies really fast and watch any movies & videos without any problem. It is as fast as seconds. The work on internet will become more smarter and the users will perform their tasks in less time. 5G connectivity feature makes jio phone more awesome and Smart.

Jio Phone 3 Competition for other Brands

To Survive in the market and compete with jio phone 3 others brands have to launch new smartphones in low price and similar prices like jio phone 3.Reliance Jio don’t need more hype because The word jio is always there in people minds and when they see jio word on internet they shows interest in those things and want to know more about the reliance jio services because they know that jio always comes with crazy schemes and deals with low budget things.

What Offers Will Reliance Jio Give with Jio Phone 3 ?

we all know about jio right ? yes and when we hear that jio has launched something one thing always comes in our mind right .. whats that ? common you know what that thing is – we always think for offers , what offers we will get if we but any product or get any service. Reliance jio is always known for great offers and let me tell you that Jio made india more digital. at starting when they launched Jio they gave 6 Months 4g Data for free to everyone and from that time internet world of india is totally changed and many people have shown interest on digital and started using internet. so lets discuss about jio phone 3 offers

Exchange offers –

Reliance jio can give Exchange offer if you want to get the new jio phone 3 it means if you have old jio phone you can exchange it and get a new jio phone 3 by paying some extra money. thats cool right ? you will get a jio phone at cheaper rate plus you have a experience with old jio phone.

Cash Back Offers – Jio Phone 3

Cash Back offers – this is the most common offer which is given by almost all the companies. When you Buy Jio phone 3 From the online platform or From the official website you will get cash back offer with that. let me make it more clear suppose the jio phone 3 costs around 4999/- and you buy it from online platform then you will get Rupees 1000/- or more as Cash Back when you pay via Particular Card or wallet etc.

Cash Back on Recharges will be given by Reliance jio. when you recharge for more money you will get some coupons like we get when we recharge for 399 or more and get 50/- Rs. Coupon that can be used for the next recharge.

Free Services in Starting – Jio Phone offers 

Reliance Jio Can Give Free Services for 3 months or 6 months depending on their plans and schemes. They always give free services in starting like thay have already given free internet and talktime services when the jio was launched and 6 months free internet when they Launched Reliance Jio Gigafiber that too high Speed internet. so with the launch of jio phone 3 company will give free services for months and later will charge some money for services. Generally they don’t charge high prices for their services even after giving free services to customers. personally i feel that Jio is the only brand that have guts to give awesome crazy offers to its customers they think about budget and customer satisfaction. Reliance jio is really helping the people to learn on internet ant keeps us up to date.

How to Register Jio Phone 3 ? Book JIO PHONE 3 Online How ?

so now the question which comes in your mind is that how to book jio phone online ? How can i register for the new jio phone ? so you already know that there will be high demand of this phone as you have an rough idea about it because you know the specifications of jio phone 3. if you really want to book or register for Jio phone 3 then you have to be very ver quick to grab it other wise you have to wait for weeks or may be for months and still not sure that you will get it because there are lakhs of people who will be trying to book it when the Flash Sale starts. Mobiles goes out of stock in minutes in Flash Sale.

The phone will be sold through the most popular e- commerce websites of india that are Flipkart and Amazon and Users can Also Buy the Jio Phone 3 From The Reliance Jio Official website. make your account in these e commerce websites and save all the details like address and payment method so that you can book it really fast.later the phone will be available in the open markets and you can buy it from Jio Authorised stores and sellers generally it takes 1-2 months for a phone to come in open marked but the demand for jio phone will be high so it can take more time.lets checkout the steps for booking jio phone 3 online

How To Book Jio Phone 3 ?

  1. Go to Reliance Jio Official Website Which Is
  2. Click On the Banner on the Official Site of Book Jio Phone 3.
  3. Fill the details like Email/jio number and password and login into your Jio Account.
  4. Now read All the terms and conditions Properly and check offers also.\
  5. You will see BUY NOW button when the Phone is Available on Reliance jio Website.
  6. Click on that and fill details.
  7. Do the payment via Debit card, Credit Card, Net Banking or wallet.
  8. Now you will receive a Successful message on your screen plus a message will come on your jio number.
  9. Then ? What you need to do nothing your Jio Phone 3 Is Booked.

I will Post The Link Of Booking Jio Phone 3 Online Here when it is officially launched so that you just click on the link and book a smartphone.

Exchange Old Jio Phone With New Jio Phone 3 ? How

you might be thinking of exchanging your old jio phone for new 5G Jio phone 3 right ? the answer is yes and yes you can exchange it but there are some terms and conditions which you need to understand before exchanging your old phone with new one. The old phone must be 3 years old then you can get refund or you can exchange it to get new one by paying a small amount of cash. But a few things you should keep in your mind that-

  • Old jio Phone must be in good condition.
  • There should not be any damaged sign.
  • Old phone should work properly.

so if you fell that your old jio phone 2 is not worth then you are wrong your phone have a value and you will understand at the time of refund and exchange so don’t throw your phone or make it un useful it needs a little care and it will help you in future.

Documents Needs At the time of Jio Phone Exchange or Bookings

There are few documents that you need to take with you when you are going to buy new jio phone 3 or exchanging old jio phone for new smartphone.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Old Mobile IMEI number
  • Bill Details

it is necessary to Have old jio phone IMEI for the verification of Date of booking And duration status of that phone for the Exchange offer.

Jio Phone 3 Link to Buy or Register

as you also know that jio phone is not officially launched yet so the booking link or jio phone 3 registering link is not available now . But i promise that i will share jio phone 3 Link for buy when it is officially launched. keep visiting this page for future updates. keep an eye on the official website of jio also they can give sudden surprises.

JIO PHONE 3 FAQ’s – Quick Questions and Answers

Note – All these Answers are as per the leaks sources and not the official. we can not say the exact features of Jio Phone 3 as of now.

  1. What Type of Display Will Jio Phone 3 Have?

Ans -The New JIO PHONE 3 will Have Notch Type Display.

  • Is The Jio Phone 3 5G? in real

Ans – Yes it is 5G Smartphone.

  • What Are the Expected Jio Phone 3 Ram variants to be Launched ?

Ans – There will be Two Variants 4Gb and 6Gb Of RAM.

  • Jio Phone 3 is Made of Metal ?

Ans – Yes the phone is made of Metal Body.

  • How to Buy Jio Phone 3 ?

You Can Buy It From and e-commerce websites.

Jio Phone 3 Conclusion –

So guys are you waiting for Jio phone 3 ? i am sure the features of this phone have impressed you guys and you want to own a reliance jio new phone in the comment sections do mention your thoughts openly i would love to see your response for jio phone 3.

Answer these Questions in Comments –

  1. How much money will you spend for a phone like this ?
  2. What features do you expect in a Smartphone ?
  3. What matters more for you Good Camara or Scree Size ?
  4. improvements you suggest in JIO PHONE 3 ?

These are not the perfect and confirmed Features.

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