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JIO DTH Booking: Online Registration, Plans & Prices {March 2019}

JIO DTH : Registration & Book online Jio set top Box official site

Jio DTH Is Coming With Special Offers for Customers Will Give Best Services at Low Price. Checkout All Important Updates and Details of Reliance JIO Services  Here 🙂

Jio DTH Bookings & Registrations

So Are you the one Who is Waiting for Jio DTH ? We are Sure you Want To Book DTH and that’s why you are here 🙂

So Here is The Quick Tour For Bookings and Registration For The Reliance Jio SetTop Box .

So Lets not Waste The time and Come to Main Points –

Reliance Jio Has already launched JIO DTH services and Soon These Services will be available in the markets and online.You Will Be Able To Buy From Jio Official Stores and From Distributors.

What Jio Has Launched ? 

Reliance Jio has launched Two services (talking about Latest) They are JIO DTH and JIO GIGA FIBER (Broadband internet services).

As per the reports users can now buy Jio set top box from offline and as well from the online markets.If you want to purchase set top box online Then you can book it from the official website of JIO.

Now Some of you Might Not Order From Online so You Want To Buy From Offline Markets 🙂 

So if you are one of them Who Don’t Prefer Online Services Then You can Buy it from offline markets you can go to JIO Authorised stores or Distributors and purchase DTH set top box.

So We All Know There is Always a High Demand For Jio Products So It Will Take Time To Come in The markets & We Are Pretty Sure That within next few months it will be available in markets ( Second quarter of 2019 ).

Important –

There are few things you need to keep in mind when you are Booking set Top Box These are –

you need to verify your address and have to pay some amount for set top box.Cary Your Aadhar Card Always With you When You are Going In Jio Stores.

If you want JIO GIGA FIBER services then you can apply for that also and you can enjoy High Speed internet connection if you want to register for giga fiber you can read How to register jio giga fiber and other details like prices and plans of jIO fiber.

Here we will talk about Reliance DTH Services.we have shared all the details of DTH in this article and discussed about Prices ad Plans and a lot More to Help You Understand Better.

we will keep updating this post whenever we get any genuine information regarding JIO Set Top Box Or  DTH.

JIO DTH Booking: Registration & Book online Jio DTH set top Box

You can also see latest news and updates in another article which we have shared that is Jio DTH News .

We are getting many leaks regarding Reliance JIO set top box services But we will share only Genuine and correct information with you so we need to verify all the details and leaks so that you don’t get any wrong information about JIO Set top box online bookings.

Our users are important for us and their trust is most important thing we need ;).

What To Expect ?

From so many months we are hearing about the jio DTH services but we are not getting this service available in our cities or Towns and we are really excited to see JIO Dish Tv Services in the markets.

And Lets see what Reliance Jio offers to its customers.

DTH services are announced by Reliance but services are not fully launched in the country we hope JIO will launch DTH services soon near the Second Quarter of 2019.

The DTH  services of JIO are on testing mode and checking on beta mode so that the problems can be solved before the official launch of Jio – DTH.

There are many videos and images which are already viral on the internet which shows the official set top boxes of Jio and the company gifted those set top box to its clients and their own workers with free of costs.

we are waiting from long time to see Reliance DTH in our homes at less costs.As per the news we can Book JIO DTH online And Register for Reliance JIO Online.

Important Updates –Updated on 14 November

As we all know Reliance JIO has launched their Jio giga fiber services and the registrations of JIO giga fiber started from 15 August 2018 from official site. Now Reliance JIO has officially announced cites where they will provide giga fiber services.

The cites which are eligible for the giga fiber are Delhi, Mumbai, Vadodara Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat,  Jaipur, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam.

The customers have to pay 4,500 Rs as a security deposit which is refundable amount.the company is providing 3 months free internet services so if you are in these cities go and register for it and enjoy 90 days free high speed internet services.

DTH Services JIO

DTH services of Reliance is said to be very much updated with the Technology and it will be Based on new Technology IPTV.

No Compromise With Quality and Technology 

you will be able to use DTH services with the help of Broadband or the internet it will give users a new and a better experience of watching television.

Reliance is Known For Best Service Provider at low Cost So Here is What We Expect 🙂

Reports says that Reliance JIO services will be very cheap compared to other DTH services like Tata sky, Vodafone , Airtel, Dish Tv and others.

will Jio DTH Come With Any Offer ? 

Yes ! They will Start With Offer and Then Go with Cheap Prices.

RELIANCE JIO can give Free DTH services for some months like they offered free internet services in India for 6 months and that changed the internet market of India.

Leaks Suggests That Customers are going go get 3 Months Free Services.

Updates –


As We All are Aware now Jio will be launching Two Services That are DTH and Jio Giga Fibre Broadband (Which is already Officially Launched) services and it is expected to be launched in Few Months.

Here on we are always working to serve you each and every news by the JIO officials.

Hence we will keep updating this post when we get trusted and genuine information about the Dth bookings of jio and launch date of DTH and also the Jio DTH channels list with the prices.:)

(Prices and Channels Lists Keeps on Changing With Plans)

we will also compare the different prices of Reliance DTH and other DTH services providers so that you can easily Decide and choose the Best From all Others which offers more channels at low prices.

we hope that when JIO will launch its DTH services it will change the market and it will surely affect the profits of other DTH services providers.

This Will Happen For Sure 🙂 You also Know That


we have discussed about these following things

  • About JIO DTH
  • How to do DTH JIO Booking
  • Steps to Jio DTH online Booking
  • latest JIO DTH News
  • Official DTH By Reliance JIO launch date
  • Jio DTH channel lists
  • Price of JIO DTH

Jio DTH Booking online – How to  Register or Book Reliance Jio Set top Box

DTH services by JIO is still under testing and will be launched soon in the country at cheap prices ( Cheaper then You Think )

The customers can register on official website.

Why You Should Register on ? 

Now The Question Why To Register at in Advance So The Answer is We Don’t Know when Reliance will Give us Surprise and Lakhs of Customers are Waiting For it.

You need to Be Fast if You Really want To Book the Set Top Box otherwise you have to Wait for Next Available stock.

So Be Quick 🙂 

Customers who can not or don’t want to book DTH JIO online can go to near by Reliance JIO Authorised stores and Distributors and register for Jio set top box or DTH.

Jio DTH Launch Date

Jio DTH is expected to be launched in the Second Quarter of 2019 (Between April to June ) with Best offers to customers ( Free DTH Services for 2-3 months ) in Starting.

Wait 🙂 You Need to Read This

You have to pay for settlement of DTH of JIO. we will inform you when it is launched you can Bookmark our page to check latest news about JIO easily.

Cost/Price of Jio DTH India

DTH services of JIO is still not officially launched in the country Hence its Difficult to tell the price of DTH services.

As per the Reports – 

The JIO DTH prices or cost will be lower then other DTH service providers and people will be impressed with the unbelievable prices.

Not Only Offers it Comes With some Extra Things 🙂 See Below

Reliance JIO is said to be provide more channels compared with others and Channels will be Telecasted in HD quality so you don’t need to pay more for more Clarity HD channels.

DTH Service – How Jio will Effect other DTH Service Providers ?

Yes We All Know That 🙂 There Will Be A Tough Competition in the market.

we have seen many major changes in the price ranges of internet providers after JIO is launched.

we all know that prices was very high for data and we used to pay high price for internet but after JIO came and offered 6 months free internet all other internet service providers reduced their prices.

  • it was the effect of Reliance JIO –  it changed all the internet roots of India and people now enjoy watching youtube videos and download movies easily it all happened because of jio.

We hope that after the official launch of Jio – DTH the other service providers will also Reduce (They have to Reduce as There is no other option to Survive in Market) prices and avail some offers to continue serving their customers.

if they don’t then customers will Surely go for JIO DTH and will opt for their services Because they will Get Better Services at low prices.

So Why To Pay More ? 

This is how JIO will effect others market.

You are reading About Reliance JIO DTH booking.

How to Become Jio DTH Distributor or Authorised Seller ?

want to Become a JIO DTH  Distributor ?

Want To Be an Reliance JIO Authorised Seller ? 

you need to fill the form and Apply online. (Get The Form From Official Website)

Once authorised you will be able to sell JIO products and make profits. whenever a customer buys DTH from you you just need to sell them set top box and the JIO official engineer will visit the customers house to set up the DTH.

JIO DTH Booking: Registration & Book online Jio DTH, jio dth bookings

If you want to know the latest news and articles about DTH you can click Here and read here Jio Dish Latest news and updates 

If you are planning to buy JIO Phone 2 you can buy it online from the official website of

Also know the specifications and features of JIO phone 2 here – click here and also get Paytm Cash Back offer.

Jio Set top box leaked information-

Lets now Discuss about Rumours and Leaks –

There are lot of news leaked on the internet and we have seen JIO set top box leaked images and videos on the internet.

Have You Seen ? Yes ? Then Continue Reading 

The Set top Box will be available in the Black colour which comes under (Packed0 Blue colour JIO official box.

The Box Contains The Following 

  • Set Top box
  • Remote
  • Cables for setup.

Now Lets Talk About Set Top Box –

  • Green colour light can be seen in JIO set top box.

As per other sources Reliance will give HD channels and users can enjoy watching serials, Cartoons and movies in Better quality in their LCD,LED televisions.

Keep Checking for the latest news and information about the DTH Jio.we will keep this site updated and will share every information in this site.

Don’t forgot t bookmark us.

is Jio DTH launched For all ?

Still it is not officially launched , some sites claims that JIO has already launched and some sites tells that the expected launch date of DTH was 15 August.

But let us clarify that it is not officially launched yet so please don’t trust on fake news and those sites which provides wrong news to customers.

we will keep you notified when DTH is officially launched with all the specifications and features.

So if some one tell you that they can avail DTH connection please don’t trust them.

Before purchasing or Before giving money to them always check for genuine news which is real and it will save you from fraud and your money too.

Reliance Making India More Digital

Reliance is making India more digital and giving good services with less price. it is an initiative of ‘make in India’.

Jio is having many Big brand partners working with – almost all the mobile phone companies from apple to any other network.

They also have online partners – Flipkart , amazon , and

jio will be having its own Packs like other DTH packs we have no idea what pack names will jio will use others DTH service providers packs like Basic pack, Premimum, Dhamal pack , south pack, Dhol pack etc.

Have Questions regarding JIO DTH ?

if you have any questions about DTH then feel free to comment below and lets discuss about these in details.

if you liked this article please do share it with friends and family and let them know the latest news.

Getting the all new DTH By JIO will be easier and anyone can register and Buy it from online from the website of

Some reports says – 

Reliance will be giving Cash Back offers with the mobile wallets we use in day to day life like paytm, Phonepay, mobiwik, Google tez, BHIM and others.(google tez is now google pay.)

NEWS & Updates – Expected Launch date Official

Are you one of them who is searching about Jio Dth on the internets ? searching latest news about the DTH ? Then you are at the right place 🙂

Here we will share everything we know about the Reliance DTH. we will keep updating and sharing latest news about the DTH of Jio  so keep visiting for jio news.

we are getting many leaks & news from months but there is no word from the Reliance jio officials regarding the launch of JIO DTH , or the pricing or the offers of Jio Reliance DTH.

we have shared all the information&  Jio DTH News. 

latest news: Launch Date, Online Booking and more…

we all know that JIO DTH is on Beta testing mode and it is available only for Reliance officials for free of costs.

Now you Have to wait for just Few Months 🙂 have patience They Gonna Launch it Soon (Confirmed)

Reliance DTH is new Technology concept and it will change the DTH services market like it changed internet flow of India at the end of 2016 by giving free internet (4G) services to all the customers for 6 months.

Reliance will give 3 months free DTH services to its customers with more channels and by providing free HD channels.

Know the – Jio DTH News

There are many images and lot of information on the internet about the pricing of DTH but we can not trust on them.

Lets Wait For it

Reliance is all set to provide better services at low or cheap prices.

it is Confirmed that JIO will charge minimum prices compared to others DTH service providers like airtel, vodafone, dish tv etc.

We are hoping for a big price drop from other Dth providers when jio DTH is officially launched.

What makes us feel good is that 

JIO DTH will be working on IPTV Technology.This is the first time in India a DTH Service provider is updated with IPTV Technology.

Read more about jio  will be launching different packs with different price tags. These are the leaked images we are not sure about the prices but we get idea of DTH of JIO  pricing.


we will be updating all the upcoming information,leaks,and the jio dth news.Bookmark our site to keep getting news about the dth.wait for the official launch we will show you practically hot to book jio dth online ,

Liked the Above information ? 

If you liked reading this article do share and this article was helpful and informative for you then please do Bookmark our website for the future updates.we shared all the details about DTH booking and other detailed view of JIO.


Hope You like The Above Information we Shared with You Guys. This Is The Real and Genuine Information we Have till Date.

If you Have anything to Ask or Have Any Doubt Just Comment Below 🙂


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